One year since the arrival of our first litter.

Vizla Puppies

But it’s nearly two years since we started the journey to breed our little girl D’Arcy.  From the offset we must state we are not professional breeders however we are very responsible ones.  Nine years ago, we took the initial steps to find our first Hungarian Vizsla nevertheless it took us almost two years to find the right one and wow what a Vizsla she has turned out to be.  A very kind loving dog with a large personality, D’Arcy (Sukisighs China Princess) arrived and this was the start of Ardanaiseig Vizslas as a working dog kennel name.

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D’Arcy is a pleasure to own and watch, she is intelligent, quick to learn, amazingly loyal, enthusiastic, a proven gun dog with an exceptional temperament. Owning a Hungarian Vizsla is a real pleasure for us and we wanted to share our experience we had when finding D’Arcy, which is why we decided to take all our family on the journey to breed her.

Oh boy was it a journey, over two years, resulting in a litter that was expected in July 2018.  We poured our own experience from the searching, finding and living with a puppy into how we nurtured, raised all the little ones that now graced our home but more importantly into how we found loving caring homes for all our puppies.

As with all owners we always ensure we take our vizslas with us wherever possible.  As we travel across the UK a great deal, staying in hotels with family and friends, taking our four-legged friends with us has been a real pleasure and an education for those who have never seen a vizsla before  – we are still constantly asked “what breed are your beautiful dogs?”  On the very rare occasions we could not take them with us, we had to find someone with enough experience to care for them as we care for them which has been difficult.

As you can see from the photo, we had a beautiful litter and all have gone to loving caring families throughout the UK.  As part of the advice and aftercare, our puppy owners have been offered our home whenever they needed a holiday when they could not take their charges with them.  This is the story of how AV homebording was born.  Please look around our web site and if you have questions please get in touch.

PS It goes without saying that we couldn’t let them all go, Mr Blue otherwise known as Porthos remained with us and we now have double trouble!!!