Home Boarding

By encouraging involvement in all the activities during the stay, your beloved friend receives lots of stimulation, returning home content, happy, relaxed and normally exhausted which is not necessarily just from long walks.

A typical play day consists of a big warm good morning with hugs and cuddles on the sofas, followed by some supervised play as they greet any new four-legged friends which arrive. We continue with the interaction, training and puzzles. Mid- morning, we leave for a nice long energetic country walk. We are lucky to have access to woods and forests where the dogs can and do have a lot of freedom to run and play. Returning home for a rest or garden play for those who have any energy left!! In the afternoon we either go for another walk or garden play/ training.


One area we do take extremely seriously is safety. Not just in our home but also when we go out on our adventures. We encourage some very basic training with all our guests. We have adopted mini mental exercises which we find concentrates their attention on us. This has a two-tier benefit in that they are more receptive to commands when we go out and can tire them more than intensive exercise ready for an afternoon snooze.

If you are experiencing minor issues and have a routine, lets discuss it to see if we can work on this together whilst they are with us.

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