Let’s meet at a Viz Whizz

Viz Whizz Meet

Viz whizzes are a group of enthusiastic Vizsla (Ginger Ninjas) owners who like to meet approximately once a month.  The events are very informal and all groups welcome new members.  You must see to believe what a large group of Vizsla’s is like when they are together having fun, playing games and stretching their energy-filled legs!

We attend regular viz whizzes, the last one was attended by 25 dogs in total and everyone (2 legged and 4!) had an absolute blast!  As always, we made quite a sight walking round the country park, there were many complimentary comments made by other park users about how well behaved the dogs were, how bouncy they are, AND FAST.  As always, when the comments come back it was thick and fast, the funniest and it happens every time was with one couple “Was this an arranged walk, or did you all just happen to bump into each other?” Seriously ??!!. As a Vizsla owner it is always nice to meet up with other like minded people and enjoy the company of them and their dogs whatever they say!!.

There are many Vizsla Whizz’s organised around the country and our next walk and a regular meeting place is Sherwood Pines North Nottinghamshire. www.forestryengland.uk/sherwood-pines. This walk has become a meeting place for Ardanaiseig Vizsla owners, but anyone is welcome to attend. These get together’s provide a nice opportunity to catch up with the your Vizslas siblings, aunts, uncles and even their parents and chat with like minded Vizsla fans!  The next planned Vizsla Whiz April 19th 2019 at 2pm meeting outside the coffee shop Sherwood Pines Forest Park www.forestryengland.uk/sherwood-pines.

Lesa, Rob, Moni and some of the AV owners will be there and will be pleased to see you all. There will be chat about the planned walk on this website, email to those who have registered and Facebook we are also on the forum www.vizslaforum.co.uk