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Yes we have Public Liability Insurance, which is on display.

Yes under the new local authority rules (which came in to affect in Oct 2018) we have a home boarding licence and have been awarded a *5 STAR* rating


Robert and Lesa Oliver-Crawford.
Licence number: 18/03020/ANHOME

Rated ‘Outstanding‘

5 out of 5 stars

5 Star rated Outstanding Home Boarding licence

We can only take dogs that are fully vaccinated. Your dog’s vaccination card should be presented at your first visit to be witnessed. This is to comply with the License Agreement in place. We strongly recommend your dog has the ‘Kennel Cough’ vaccination.

Yes, we have over 40 years experience owning a variety of breads from working dogs to family pets. Recently breeding our own line of Vizslas.

We have a licensed vehicle meeting all safety requirements for transporting multiple dogs in transit.

All dogs walked wear a AV collar fitted with an ID tag with our details together with a GPS tracker. Within the care plan, you will complete a section on behaviours. If your dogs proves its recall is not good, we will not let them off the lead unless we are sure it is 100% safe to do so. Even If we do trust them and have proven in the assessment that they do come back we do not let dogs run off too far. We work very hard on recall during our walks. The dogs think it is a game but they are working on the safety of the walk.

We must see before accepting the dog that the veterinary documentation is validated before staying with us. A copy of your insurance certificate is required for the individual dog as we will only accept dogs that have their own insurance. You will find further details listed in our T&C’s on application.

Yes but only with your permission and all treats are natural and organic.

We have been asked many times what does Ardanaiseig mean, well it’s a place, a majestic hotel now.Robert’s family roots are Scottish and Lock Awe area in Argyll is one of our favourites as a hidden gem within the Highland scenery.When walking with D’Arcy we found a house that was built for Colonel James Archibald Campbell of Clan Campbell in 1834 by renowned Scottish architect William Burn.When this home passed from the Campbell clan a condition of the sale was, the name could not be used. The new owner chose Ardanaiseig, the local Gaelic name,” the point by the ferry” which the house was located near and now a beautiful hotel

Ardanaiseig seems to hang heavy with Celtic myths and memories and the official version which the locals if you ever get the chance do love to tell however, the area ensures a near catatonic state of über relaxation, for the hyperactive and perfect for a Vizsla home boarding. This is why we chose this for our Vizsla kennel club name andthe name for our business.

The origins of this name are obscure. The eponymous ferry may have been the one at the nearby village of Tervine, which is known to have existed for many centuries.

Aird an Aiseig, is Gaelic for ,” the point by the ferry” pronounced we believe, Ar-dan-as-sey

To book in the first instance you can use the contact form below to book your stay or the email facility on our Fees & Contact Us page.

If you would prefer to speak to us in person, feel free to telephone 01623 615833. Our opening hours are Monday – Friday 8am – 6pm and Saturday 9am-12pm

You are required to register your details and that of your dog/s within our website customer portal page

‘All Homeboarding establishments are licensed under their local authority, DEFRA has produced a detailed list of the minimum mandatory conditions with associated guidance on what information is required by us as the licence holder. (Details of the customer and of all the dogs accommodated in the home). At any time, the local authority, can and do inspect our records, and as such we are required to keep all the details in a visible and legible form for at least three years beginning with the date on which the record was created, therefore fully completed record details within the portal are mandatory requirements for any visit or overnight stay with Ardanaiseig Vizslas. It is a mandatory requirement for you the client to ensure all the details are accurate at all times and updated when any change has occurred no matter how small either with the customers own details or the individual pet details. All Data entered is confidential and will not be passed onto any 3rd party. All data held is audited and complies with “The Data Protection Act (DPA 2018)” this is an act of the United Kingdom (UK) Parliament’.

Once a date has been agreed you will complete the registration. You will receive an email from us to start the process, and this will contain your login access to allow you to register an account.

You will be asked to create a memorable username and password.

You will then receive an automated email notification ‘Activate Your Account’ where you will need to click the link in this email to confirm you’re a client and not a spam attempt to log in.

You receive an automated email notification ‘Welcome to Ardanaiseig Vizsla’s Home Boarding’ with confirmation of registration details to start the form.

You will log into the system every time using the link given, please make sure any passwords are hard to guess and you remember your new log on details.

The form is very mobile friendly and can be completed easily if you have all the information to hand before you start.

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